Sunday, 23 June 2013

Busy Bug!

June is supposed to be a quiet month traditionally............but not this year.  I'm still trying to launch new products and new fabrics for the mini bunting boards but am also receiving lots of enquiries through the website for bespoke work.  Variety is great and often new ideas spring out of customer enquiries. 

I'm in the process of designing "Pirate Loot" bags for a Party Planner, aprons for some very special Teachers and Teaching Staff.  The Mini Bunting Board range is due to expand with some pretty florals, great for girls of all ages, some Elephant themed fabric, and for the boys dinosaurs and diggers!

The new Covered Button Hair accessories were a real hit at Arnold Carnival too.  I hope to get them on the website too but they do require a huge photography session!  If you can't wait then take a sneaky peak on Facebook, just follow the link and please like my page.

Teacher Gifts, flannels, cute apple magnets and apple bags have been well received too. 

Looking forward to finishing designs off and getting them onto the website (nudge, nudge hubby!!).


Friday, 14 June 2013

It's Flying again!

That's time again. The reason I've not posted for sometime is the usual 'life' together with some technical problems. Since my last post I've been away with the Family for a much needed break. We had a week in Malta, a beautiful place and the perfect tonic! My husband who manages my website and all things technical has been very busy with his business launching a new office in Newcastle ( And here in the Bug Headquarters I've enjoyed creating some new products using fabric covered buttons. Hair bobbles, hair slides and magnets all made with fabric covered buttons will debut at Arnold Carnival this weekend. As will teacher gifts. Teacher gifts will hopefully make there way onto the website this weekend, pictures are already on Facebook. The range includes cute apple bags, apple magnets and "Top Teacher" Flannels - practical gifts and priced between £2.50 and £3.00 they make a perfect token gift for teachers and TA's. So Arnold Carnival looms this weekend, I really look forward to this event each year and this year I'm joined by Kirsty of Kirsty's Contemporary cards and Emma from Beyond Benefits. The Carnival has great free entertainment all weekend. Lets hope the sun shines!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's late! Well this post is not late, provided I finish it in the next 45 minutes, it's just very late in the day!! I'm aiming to post a blog every Wednesday at least. I've kept up with it so far, but this week has been exhausting! The Fabric Bug workroom has been a bit neglected. We went away for the extended weekend, had a fab weekend with lovely friends, some we haven't seen for years...had plenty of sun and a great catch up! So there hasn't been much activity with the Fabric Bug, nor any movement on the 'to do' or 'to create' list. However I have enjoyed some lovely feedback this week from customers. One customer called me "Super Woman!", not sure of that but it is always great to receive feedback. I've now have a couple of days to replenish stock and carry on with the new designs. I'm at Bawtry on Sunday, at the New Hall, for those that don't know Bawtry it is a lovely town, with some great shops and eateries, well worth a visit and it really springs into life over the weekend. Fab 'individual' shops and always a warm welcome. Next week I'll be gearing up for Etwall Well Dressing which is always a busy weekend, if you've not seen Well Dressing before, it's a Derbyshire tradition and well worth seeing. So if you're near to any of my events do pop by and say hello. Hopefully my new lines, toy storage bags and new goody bags will be available soon, so watch this space. Joanne

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Busy Bug........... Well, this time of year is supposed to be less busy with events giving me chance to keep on top of everything.........yet I'm busy both with The Fabric Bug and family life. Last weekend I went to a Craft Fair at Mapplewell in Barnsley, it was a great event and I met lots of new people, I also got signed up to do more events in that area later in the year. It's always good to try new areas and there were some lovely crafters there (yes I spent...occupational hazard!). In my workroom (called the 'Bug Room' in our house) this week I've been completing some bespoke's often customers that give me inspiration for new ideas. I've completed father and son aprons (XL and tiny!). I've also been doing quite a few of the bunting boards, more aprons...and yes more aprons! The new designs for the Personalised Toy Storage Bags are still work in progress! And the new party bags haven't even begun! It's a hectic weekend with the Family this weekend and catching up with some old friends so having the weekend off from events. But have a full 'to do list' ready for next week. Thanks for stopping by. (Hooray....proud I've managed to keep to my promise of weekly updates) Joanne

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A new beginning...........

Well, it may be a bit late for new year resolutions but it's amazing what a few days away can do to inspire you! 

At Easter I had a few days in Valencia with the family and did quite a bit of 'business' thinking!  Top of the list when I got back was to update the blog and make a commitment to it!

Having caught up on the orders ..........I'm finally on it!

So, another event to look forward this weekend, off to Barnsley for the first time.  The lovely Helen Johnson invited me to attend the Mapplewell Village Spring Craft Fair this Saturday 27th April. The last time I met with someone from Barnsley it was a WWII Veteran who had successfully escaped from Colditz!!  Looking forward to meeting some new people at Mapplewell it sounds like Helen and her friends have a great selection of craft stalls at the event so hopefully it will be a good day.

In the "Bug Room", this week I've caught up on orders, finally got the Miniature Bunting Boards on the website (Thank you Iain). Also, in the 'creating' stages are some new toy storage bags with new applique watch this space.

Thanks for reading and I promise it won't be so long next time!