Sunday, 23 June 2013

Busy Bug!

June is supposed to be a quiet month traditionally............but not this year.  I'm still trying to launch new products and new fabrics for the mini bunting boards but am also receiving lots of enquiries through the website for bespoke work.  Variety is great and often new ideas spring out of customer enquiries. 

I'm in the process of designing "Pirate Loot" bags for a Party Planner, aprons for some very special Teachers and Teaching Staff.  The Mini Bunting Board range is due to expand with some pretty florals, great for girls of all ages, some Elephant themed fabric, and for the boys dinosaurs and diggers!

The new Covered Button Hair accessories were a real hit at Arnold Carnival too.  I hope to get them on the website too but they do require a huge photography session!  If you can't wait then take a sneaky peak on Facebook, just follow the link and please like my page.

Teacher Gifts, flannels, cute apple magnets and apple bags have been well received too. 

Looking forward to finishing designs off and getting them onto the website (nudge, nudge hubby!!).